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Date: Thursday, May 9th., 2019 Location: Pharr Development & Research Center

Divine Children Inc. would like to thank the City of Pharr, Industrial Health Works Family Day & Night Clinic, United Health Care and Ashley Pediatrics Day & Night Clinic for supporting our 1st. Annual Mother Days Event, at The Pharr Development & Research Center on May 9, 2019.

The purpose of this event was to educate the general public on various health topics. The agencies gave educational health information and promoted their services during the event.  Every mother attendance was greeted at the entrance with a red rose donated by Lone Star National Bank.

More than 300 people attended and had the opportunity of joining a dance competition to nominate King & Queen.   The Fire and Police Department of The City of Pharr were some of the participants who danced with the Mothers to compete for the coronation of King & Queen of the Dance. The couple chosen was Sonia Paz and the Police Officer Mr. Treviño.


Mayor of City of Pharr Dr. Ambrosio Hernandez was present. He welcomed the general population for being at the event, as they received important health information from the agencies.  Dr. Sarojini Bose was also present and gave thanks to all of the mothers who attended this Mother’s Day event.

Everyone in attendance was very pleased with the event.  Divine Children Inc. wants to give Special Thanks to Community Liaison Officer, Frank Nuñez from The City of Pharr for all the support that was given during this event.

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